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Get your Racer Ducks at the event!

Get your Racer Duck Tickets, Family Ducks, Graduation Ducks, Business Ducks, and Sponsorships here!


Racer Ducks:  Racer Ducks are $5 each.  Racer Ducks compete in the Racer Duck Race. Racer Ducks are small rubber ducks with numbers that match a raffle ticket.  Winners of this race win prizes.  Note that you do not receive the actual duck. The Racer Duck with the number that matches your raffle ticket number will be entered into the race.

Family Ducks:  Family Ducks are $20 each and are available to Tootin' Hills families only. These are large ducks that can be decorated and raced in the School Duck Race.

Graduation Ducks:  Graduation Ducks are $15 each and are available to Tootin' Hills sixth graders only.

Business Ducks:  Business Ducks are $100 each.  Note that all sponsorships include a Business Duck.

Sponsorships:  Check out the Sponsorships page for details.

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