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Click on an option below to purchase your Racer Duck Tickets, Family/Graduation Ducks, Business Ducks, and Sponsorships! Here's how the ducks differ...


Racer Ducks: Racer Ducks are $5 each and compete in the Racer Duck event for prizes. Racer Ducks are small rubber ducks with numbers that match a raffle number. **Note that you will receive a raffle number upon purchase, not the actual duck. 

Family / Graduation Ducks: Family Ducks are large ducks that are $25 each and are available to Tootin' Hills families only. You will receive a Family or Graduation Duck, which can be decorated and raced in the School Duck event. 

Business Ducks: Business Ducks are $100 each. Note that all levels of business sponsorship include a Business Duck, which can be decorated and raced in the Business Duck event.

Sponsorships: Check out the Sponsorships page for more information about each level of sponsorship.

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