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Racer Ducks are numbered rubber ducks that correspond to consecutively numbered raffle tickets.  Racer Ducks will be released into the Farmington River at the designated starting point of the Duck Race.

The Racer Ducks will be carried downstream by the water's natural current. At the finishing point, a set of buoys constructed in a funnel shape will allow for the passage of one rubber duck at a time in order to determine the prize winners. 

The first prize will be awarded to the holder of the numbered ticket which corresponds to the first rubber duck to pass the finishing point. 2nd prize to the ticket holder with the second rubber duck to pass, 3rd prize to the ticket holder with the third rubber duck to pass, 4th prize to the ticket holder with the fourth rubber duck to pass.

The second set of buoys, without any gaps, will be constructed in the area immediately beyond the finishing point to confine and collect all rubber ducks utilized in the Duck Race Raffle.


Prize winners need not be present to claim their prize. All winners will be contacted after the race.

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