In the past years, businesses have done an incredible job decorating their business ducks. Their companies pride reflected each duck in an unique and creative way.


At the Duck Race, we will showcase your duck at the entrance to the event as part of the Art Gallery and snap a picture for your memories. Visitors will be able to cast their vote for Best Decorated Duck. Before the start of the Business Duck Race, you (or any of our volunteers) will parade your duck through the Flower Bridge to a truck that will bring them to the start line. Hundreds of potential patrons will cheer on your duck and your business. Dress the part to really showcase your company!



  • A unique team builder to advertise your business and show your companies pride to many potential patrons

  • Compete with other local businesses for the Best Decorated Duck - a friendly competition amongst local businesses

  • You'll be recognized on the event web site and at the event

  • You'll be supporting elementary school children, allowing them to participate in specialized programs that enrich social and educational growth such as Junior Achievement, Invention Convention, Family Art Nights, Enrichment presentations, to just name a few.

  • Your donation is tax-deductible.


To all businesses who are decorating a Business Duck:


  • Please drop off your decorated duck at the Simsbury Flower Bridge before 2:00 on Friday, May 22.  If you are not able to deliver your duck, please let us know by Tuesday so we can make arrangements for someone to pick it up.  Make sure your business' name is on the duck.  If you don't want your duck to participate in the race, be sure to tell us when you drop it off.


  • The Duck Parade will take place around 4:15.  You are welcome to participate in the parade that goes from the entrance to the event and over the Flower Bridge (it's a short parade!)  From there, our volunteers bring the ducks down the road where the ducks are put into the water at race time.  You can watch the races from the Flower Bridge.


  • There are three duck races - School Ducks (large ducks decorated by students and families), Business Ducks (large ducks decorated by businesses), and Racer Ducks (little ducks).  After the Business Duck Race, the decorated ducks will be delivered back to the tent at the entrance.  Please pick up your duck before you leave the event.



one of the sponsorship levels here

or mail this form to

Tootin' Hills no later than May 23, 2021. 


Business Duck Race

will take place at approximately 4.00 pm.

on race day.

Best Decorated Duck

will be judged by the students of Tootin's Hills Elementary School

Both winners will receive a trophy to display at their business, a framed picture of their duck, and bragging rights for the year. 

Business Owners do not have to be present to win but are encouraged to participate.